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The following are answers to frequently asked questions. If you have other questions you would like addressed, please let us know. To provide input or ask questions, contact us.

Q: How was my input from the citywide and small area workshops used?

A:  The consultant team digitized and analyzed each table's map. The analysis included:

  1. locating where participants wanted to see housing and job growth;
  2. identifying desired transportation investments and where they should be located;
  3. and determining open space and built environment assets that need to be protected. 

We reviewed written comments and used them to identify issues and potential policies to include in the plan. While every map was unique we found that common trends and themes emerged.

Q: Are churches and other places of worship included in this planning process?

A:  We recognize churches and other places of worship in this planning process and invite Tulsans to share their ideas. In the citywide workshops, each development type chip has a proportion of space set aside for civic uses, such as churches, parks, and other amenities.  In more detailed small area workshops, participants used a "place of worship" chip to designate land for future religious institutions.

Q: How is PLANiTULSA reaching out to diverse populations?

A:  The PLANiTULSA project was designed from the beginning to be inclusive and to solicit the participation of all Tulsa communities. We developed an outreach program with a variety of levels of input and includes people from all areas of Tulsa. In practice this has included conducting specific small area workshops in a wide variety of neighborhoods. We have also sought the help of community leaders that represent a broad cross section of the city to serve on our Citizens' Team Committee and advise us throughout the process.

Q: How were the small area workshop neighborhoods selected?

A:  Tulsans were invited to nominate their neighborhood or area to be a small area workshop site. From the twenty-four nominations, seven workshop sites were selected with the help of members of the Citizen's Team Committee. One of the important factors used to select workshop locations was the potential to transfer lessons learned to other Tulsa neighborhoods. We included areas with a variety of issues spread throughout the city.

Q: How can I stay on top of the PLANiTULSA project's progress?

A:  We regularly post materials, presentations, documents, and announcements on the PLANiTULSA website.  Additionally, you can sign up to receive e-mail notifications for upcoming PLANiTULSA events. Please make sure you are on our interest list.

Q: I don't have time to come to a workshop - are there other ways to participate?

A:  We invite you to review the materials on the PLANiTULSA website, and email us with comments or feedback. We also welcome written comments, questions, and feedback at any time. In May, we will be seeking widespread input on initial ideas for Tulsa's future. If you provide your contact information on the website we will send you a survey to fill out. You will also receive regular updates on the planning process.

Q: How is sustainability being considered in this plan?

A:  Through surveys, interviews, and participation in workshops, you have showed us that you want PLANiTULSA to be a comprehensive plan for a more sustainable future. Whether your interest stems from concern for the environment, a desire for "energy independence", or simply getting from one part of the city to another without breaking the bank, you have asked for a city that becomes more efficient and affordable. One of the key ways that cities can do this is by allowing for more varied housing and transportation choices, and there are others, too. Through PLANiTULSA, you are helping us identify those challenges and opportunities, and you will help define and select strategies for the City to start addressing them.

Q: What can we expect to see in the next few months?

A: In May, we are asking you for input on the four different scenarios. We will then use the input received and the other information you have provided to draft a Preferred Scenario and Vision for the future. This Vision will be presented to the Tulsa City Council in the summer. Over the summer and into the fall, this Vision will evolve into a fully formed Comprehensive Plan. We will be working to form specific policies and strategies and create an implementation and action plan as well. Prior to formal adoption of the Plan, we will turn to you once again through informational open houses to make sure we have it right. Final recommendations and adoption will go through the Planning Commission and City Council in late 2009.

See the PLANiTULSA project timeline>>

Q: Will zoning be addressed in the comprehensive plan?

A: Zoning is one of a number of implementation tools that we expect to address in the comprehensive plan. Our initial analysis and community input suggest that some modifications to the zoning ordinance could encourage or allow new types of development that many Tulsans desire. As we progress through the PLANiTULSA process, we will identify specific issues and make recommendations on changes to the current zoning policy and process.